All of the herbal formulas that we sell on our site are those we use with our patients within our Chattanooga Acupuncture and Wellness Center. We use only reputable suppliers that can provide high quality, high potency herbal formulas. The majority of our formulas in clinic come from Sunten Laboratories. A brief description of each supplier is below.

  • Sunten Laboratories
    • Dr. Hong-yen Hsu is the founder of SUN TEN. He was recognized as the “Father of Scientific Chinese herbal Extraction” in Taiwan as he devoted his life to the modernization of Chinese herbal extraction. He later became the Director of the Drug Control Bureau, a position comparable to the United States’ F.D.A. Dr. Hsu established SUN TEN in 1946 originating from Taiwan. As time goes by, SUN TEN has since grown into a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing company dedicated to produce the world’s finest Chinese herbal extract product for nearly seven decades. Quality assurance is guaranteed right from the start through careful selection of authentic raw herbs, controlled manufacturing process and finished product reassurance through scientific measures. With emphasis on safety, quality, efficacy, and consistency SUN TEN is able to produce high quality products, which meet international standards.
  • Mayway Herbs
    • Mayway is a family business that has been importing and distributing traditional Chinese medicine since 1969. From our humble beginnings as a small herb shop in San Francisco Chinatown, we have grown to become a respected industry leader. We have been at the forefront of raising the quality standards of herbal products within our industry for decades, and are conscientious in our sourcing of herbs and in the manufacturing of our products. A commitment to providing high quality products is our top priority. We believe that through ensuring the exceptional quality of our products we are able to promote better health in individuals, help strengthen the businesses of our customers, and help support the industry as a whole.
  • HBW Herbs
    • WABBO is the US distributor for HBW Herbal Medicines. They specialize in the manufacturing & distributing of high quality Acupuncture Needles, Moxa, Cupping Sets, TDP Heat Lamps, Electro-therapy Stimulators, Foot Spa and Natural Herbal Formulas. Our company works within the standards of the FDA 510K, ISO9001, CE and the GMP, which are consistent with country security requirements. We vow to bring you affordable prices that are especially suited for your specific company needs. The HBW Brand herbs are the US distributorship for the underlying brand and . Other relevant .

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