Developing A Personalized Herbal Treatment

Chinese Medicine offers many natural options for dealing with a wide range of health issues. In addition to having generations of input from practitioners and hundreds of years of clinical observation, many of these approaches also have ample published clinical research. The true gem of Chinese Medicine, however, is the underlying diagnostic framework - "how" you choose what approach to take.

The diagnostic process is complicated at best and requires years of study and use to begin to utilize effectively. Properly applied it can lead to complete and relatively quick results - improperly applied it can range from less resolution and slower time frames to ineffectual and then, of course, to side effects. This diagnostic process, particularly when compared with western medicine, is a moving target - more akin to unwrapping an onion to get to the core issue than it is to manage this symptom/issue with x, manage this symptom/issue with y, manage this symptom/issue with z, as is more common with western medicine. So a formula or approach that might be correct and works well for you now, might not be later - even for the very exact issue, should it arise again. Also the formula for "now" might be something that is more supportive of allowing the body to heal the cause of your issues, but not directly related to the issues are trying to treat - peeling back the layers so to speak.

For these reasons and more we strongly suggest that people consult directly with a Chinese Medicine practitioner in their area. While we offer paid online consultations, we greatly prefer you see someone locally as there is much more that can be accomplished more easily when seen in person and often, when combined with proper acupuncture treatment as well.

All that said we do offer a comprehensive base of information to help guide these treatment decisions, which are beneficial for practitioners as well. The following posts and links will be of value in aiding to determine proper treatment.

On our current site there are numerous links to help guide this process when you have the proper theoretical base understandings - many of these link to our theory site and/or our blog. Within most herbal formula pages, such as "Xiao Yao San - Sun Ten", for example, the most useful diagnostically based links are:

  • First there is a link to our theory site which has the majority of the diagnostic information - for that formula is found by clicking the button "read about xiao yao wan @ our theory site".
  • There is also a link to the base formula on our store - in this case the herbal formula page "xiao yao wan" - which besides showing all of the brands that we carry of that formula, has other diagnostic information, related patterns, related conditions, related herbal ingredients, as well as links to relevant blog posts, etc. You can see a full list of all formula pages here.

Going through these links might start to seem like a maze or a web, in fact one of the better introductory texts to Chinese Medicine diagnoses is "The Web That Has No Weaver : Understanding Chinese Medicine".

Now all that said, we have to apply a disclaimer. There are very likely errors and certainly many omissions on our websites, it is an enormous amount of non-linear data to try to put together into a systemic fashion and we do the best we can with the time we have available. We are not responsible for any statement on any of our sites, particularly in regards to people using this information for self-treatment against our recommendations. We sincerely hope you take these recommendations and get proper care for your health needs. Chinese Medicine can be immensely effective, but only when used properly.

For herbal medicine research related articles, we suggest you read the herbal medicine and the research sections of our blog.

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