Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan



Uses: PMS, Menstrual Pain, Irregular Menstruation, Emotional Stress, Depression, Irritability. Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan (Pian, Bupleurum Shu Gan Pills, Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang) is a well respected and commonly used TCM herbal formula for what is known as Liver Qi Stagnation in Chinese Medicine terms.  With liver stagnation symptoms such as PMS, stress, often with sighing or pain in hypochondriac area (below the ribs) or along the sides of the body.  Other symptoms can be gastrointestinal issues, gallstones, menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), irregular cycles, and headaches (tension and/or migraine) along with depression and/or irritability.*

Recommended Dosage: Take 5 to 7 pills 2-3 times per day. At full dose, one bottle renders an 8 to 10 day supply.

Caution: If you experience symptoms such as insomnia or strong thirst discontinue use.  Avoid if you are pregnant. 

Clinical Notes:  May not be appropriate if you are experiencing nightsweats or other signs of yin deficiency in which case Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan may be more appropriate.  Should also not be used in cases with strong blood deficiency signs such as a pale face, slight fever, etc. in which case Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan or Gui Pi Wan may be more appropriate.(200 tablets)

Ingredients: Radix Bupleuri Chinensis (Chai Hu), Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae (Chen Pi), Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae (Bai Shao), Fructus Aurantii (Zhi Ke), Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong (Chuan Xiong), Rhizoma Cyperi Rotundi (Xiang Fu), Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis (Gan Cao).

May vary slightly from brand to brand.  What is listed here are the ingredients of our most commonly shipped brand.

Practitioner Level Information:

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