Chen Xiang Hua Qi Wan


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Uses: Improves digestive function, constipation, abdominal distention, poor appetite, flatulence, reflux. Chen Xiang Hua Qi Wan (Pian, Hua Qi Wan) is a TCM herbal formula used to treat spleen qi deficiency and qi blockage type constipation and indigestion. The formula contains qi supplementing herbs to encourage the elevation of spleen qi as well as herbs to direct qi downward and clear Damp Heat. It may also be helpful for chronic or recurrent diarrhea following an incompletely cleared infection. This formula may help relieve symtoms of belching, reflux, poor appetite, abdominal distension, flatulence, constipation, and abdominal cramping and discomfort.*

Recommended Dosage: Take 8 pills 2 times per day with warm water. At full dose, one bottle renders a 10 to 13 day supply.

Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant. (200 tablets)

Ingredients: Dried Germinated Ripe Fruit Barley (Mai Ya), Chinese Giant Hyssop (Huo Xiang), Zedoary Rhizome, Cyperus Rhizome (Xiang Fu), Chinese Amomum Fruit (Bai Dou Kou), Tangerine (Chen Pi), Chinese Licorice Root (Gan Cao).

May vary slightly from brand to brand.  What is listed here are the ingredients of our most commonly shipped brand.

Practitioner Level Information:

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