Fu Fang Dang Gui Wan



Uses: Irregular Menstruation, PMS, Menstrual Pain, Infertility, Fatigue, Memory. Fu Fang Dang Gui Wan (Dong Quai Tablet) is a commonly used formula for what is referred to as blood deficiency in Chinese medicine. Symptoms may include history of miscarriage, irregular period, no period, fatigue, dryness of skin/hair, low back pain, and problems with memory . It is used to treat menstrual disorders, poor memory, fatigue, dry skin, constipation, and female infertility.*

Recommended Dosage: Take 5 to 8 pills 2-3 times per day after meals with warm boiled water. At full dose, one bottle renders an 8 to 10 day supply.

Caution: If you get pregnant or are breast feeding, ask a health professional before use. (200 tablets)

Ingredients: Radix Angelicae Sinenisis (Dang Gui), Astragali (Huang Qi), Rhizoma Coptidis (Chuan Xiong), Radix Polygoni Multiflori (He Shou Wu),Herba Leonurl (Yi Mu Cao), Caulis Spatholobi (Jie Xue Teng).

May vary slightly from brand to brand.  What is listed here are the ingredients of our most commonly shipped brand.

Practitioner Level Information:

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