Practical Use of Tai Chi Chuan by Yeung (Yang) Sau Chung


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As is noted in the preface by Yeung Sau Chung, “The value of Tai Chi Chuan in self-defense is universally acknowledged.  Applying it properly, you can neutralize your opponent’s force with a much smaller one, command the situation lesiurely and even utilize his force to your own advantage.”

Unfortunately many Tai Chi enthusiasts and instructors are not well versed in the application or martial side of Tai Chi.  While many practice for the multitude of health benefits an understanding of the applications of the moves is important for proper development and to derive the most health benefits.

This text, from a true Yang style master, discusses the applications of every movement in the Yang style long form as well as provides details on push hands applications.  Each movement includes pictures and detailed theory and instructions.  A very valuable text for those wanting to take their Tai Chi to the next level. (42 pages)

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