Tai Chi Chuan: A Comparative Study by Vincent Chu



In “Tai Chi Chuan: A Comparative Study,” author and renowned practitioner Vincent Chu explains the theory and practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Using clear language and detailed photographs, Chu clarifies important concepts and sheds light on aspects of the form that have, until now, remained elusive in available literature. From basic demonstrations of proper posture to an eye-opening discussion of ‘intent’, this book offers something for practitioners of all levels.

Chu presents three complete short forms for those interested in learning a Tai Chi Chuan routine suitable to their health and objectives. The Large Frame Form is suitable for beginners and those with no previous training while the Medium Frame Form presents new challenges and a more apparent martial component. The rarely seen Small Frame Form is refined and suitable for advancing practitioners. Each form has the functions of improving the practitioner’s health in addition to conditioning the body for martial activity. (To help facilitate the learning process, video of all three forms can be viewed free online at the Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation’s Web site)

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