Tai Chi Training DVD – 8 Techniques Medium Frame Solo Form



The Eight Techniques Medium Frame Solo Form developed from Master Vincent Chu’s 20 years of teaching seniors. The routine he taught in his first seniors course was the 22 Techniques Tai Chi Chuan Medium Frame Solo Form abbreviated from the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. It was too much for the nine week course so he reduced it to 15 Techniques. Due to the nature and composition of the student body, he divided the class time in half. One half focused on the 15 Techniques Solo Form and the other half on the exercises from the Tai Chi Kung. This ensured the students had a good workout after each class.

After some time, he realized that the students did not spend enough time practicing at home due to the length of the routine, so it was necessary to make the routine even shorter. Shortening the routine would allow the students to be able to spend more time practicing the movements rather than learning and remembering them in class. After all, the benefit from practicing Tai Chi Chuan is derived from practice, not from learning and remembering. Therefore, he decided to reduce the 15 Techniques Tai Chi Chuan solo form by keeping the first eight movements. It included the beginning and ending movements.

Running Time: 59 Minutes

Format: DVD 

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