Tai Chi Training DVDs – Yang Style Medium Frame Long Form 2 DVD Set



If you are searching for an authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan video, you need look no further. In this professional-quality dvd, Master Vincent Chu teaches the complete Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan solo form his father, Gin Soon Chu, learned from Yeung Sau Chung, the oldest son of Yang Cheng Fu. Viewing this video is equivalent to receiving private instruction from Master Chu-it is that clear, detailed, and precise. In this two-DVD package, the solo form is divided into six sections; each movement is repeated three times; and each section is shown twice, from two different angles. The instruction begins and ends with a demonstration of the entire solo form. DVD One covers the history and fundamentals of the solo form and the first three sections; DVD Two covers the next three sections of the solo form and includes at the end some demonstrations of the solo-drill exercises-important training for Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art.

Running Time: 3 hours 20 Minutes

Format: DVD

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