Walking out of the Medical Jungle, Tong Ren Healing



Popular media portray a world of increasing violence and fragmentation, and we sometimes feel powerless to affect the perceived global trend.  But a broader perspective suggests that the human spirit is growing in a healthy, cooperative direction.  Dr. Carl Jung, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and more recently Gary Zukav, Thomas Moore, Richard Tarnas and others have descrived an ongoing evolution of the collective human psyche.  We all contribute to this development of the common human spirit.  Tong Ren provides a powerful modality for each of us to reconnect and synchronize with our shared humanity, strengthening and futher organizing our human collective unconscious — the greatest source of our intution, connectedness and health.

Walking Out of the Medical Jungle is a compilation of experience with and thoughts about Tong Ren Therapy, presented here to invite you to experience the benefits of synchronicity yourself, and hopefully find your way back to health.

Author: Master Tom Tam

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