Welcome to the Yin Yang House Store! We offer many Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Formulas, Tong Ren Therapy supplies, Teas and Liniments as well as other natural health products. All of our products are used with our own patients at our Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Chattanooga, TN.

Our theory site offer extensive discussion of potential uses of these formulas and products and our community site contains forums and other avenue to discuss approaches with our community members.

Our store contains a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbal Formulas – what are also called “patent” formulas.  You may view all of our formulas or select our products by conditions/symptoms/diagnostic patterns.

View all of our product groupings by symptoms and TCM diagnostic patterns.  In Chinese Medicine the diagnostic pattern is most often used to determine the correct formula for a given patient as conditions are not precise enough.

We have a variety of qigong, tai chi and meditation related products related largely to the practices we teach in our clinic.  Our store has books, dvds and supplies.

Tong Ren Therapy is an energy healing system that utilized by practitioners around the world for cancer and other complex conditions.  Our site contains books, supplies and other media related to the practice of Tong Ren.

Our store offers a variety of green, herbal and medicinal teas for a variety of health issues as well as pure enjoyment.

Chinese Medicine has a strong tradition of healing traumatic injuries and pain issues with herbal liniments.  Our store has a selection of these, pain patches, and other herbal salves.

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