Tai Chi Training DVD – 12 Techniques Returning Tai Chi Chuan Solo Form



Tai Chi Chuan is part of traditional Chinese Culture; it has a long history with rich information. It is old and it is new; it is elegant and it is simple. Besides its function of working on martial-arts fundamentals- such as agility, balance, coordination, and opening the body’s joints by stretching the ligaments, tendons, and muscle groups – Returning Tai Chi Chuan has two unique features: first, harnessing the qi of the universe in order for it to improve the body’s physiological condition, including the immune system; and, second, an emphasis on exercising the lower body – while not neglecting the upper torso – to improve blood circulation, thus making it easier for the blood to return to the heart.

These features are the result of integrating the movements of this form with the extremely effective qigong known as Pan Gu Shengong. In addition, Return Tai Chi Chuan exercises both sides of the body equally, and it can be performed in a very limited space.

In this video, Master Vincent Chu teaches the 12 Techniques Return Tai Chi Chuan Solo Form. It represents a beginning level for this unique style, the result of years, both in the United States and China, of extensive research, study, experience, and contemplation on the part of Master Chu. Watch this video and you will probably see some postures that you have never seen before in any form of Tai Chi Chuan.

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Format: DVD 

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